Carpe Diem

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During the school year, my friend Nicole and I used to wistfully plan that we would have a lovely summer day once we were free from the tedious academic year. Now the summer is nearly over, and between work, my sister’s wedding and my band commitments, we only just managed to find a day that we were both free to have a real “summer day”. So today, my friend and I made our way downtown to enjoy one of these beautiful days of summer Vancouver has been so lucky to enjoy recently. We walked on over to English Bay, where beach-goers were aplenty, and so were the eateries. Feeling the heat, and smelling an array of delicious eats wafting down Denman Street, we decided to look for an airconditioned restaurant to grab a bit of lunch. we stepped into a small little Malaysian restaurant just up the street. It was packed with the Monday lunch rush. The waiter managed to find us a tiny table for two, and handed us a couple menus. Looking at the lunch specials, we ordered some delicious starters (including roti canai!!! NOM,NOM,NOM!) and our main dish was a shrimp curry dish with pieces of pineapple, mango, and okra in it, to be eaten with rice. Tastyyyyy.

We left the restaurant delightfully full, and then trotted on over to the Cupcakes store that was just a block down the road. We had a Groupon coupon (that rhymes!!!) for half a dozen cupcakes, for half the price. It took us about 15 minutes to choose our half dozen from all the different flavours they had featured. The girl behind the counter did not look impressed. We walked out of the store and hurried over to a bench facing English Bay with our half dozen cupcakes. Like two overgrown children, we opened the box with wide eyes and attacked the glossy little cakes with our plastic forks, as runners, cyclists, swimmers and dog-walkers all flauntingly exercised their way past us, some giving us the subtle hint with their glances that they thought of us as absolute gluttons. I can see their point of view.

One thing I noticed at the beach is that since nearly everyone there is half-naked, tattoos appear to be a common adornment for most people. The meaningful ones, the mistake ones, and the ugly ones all surface at this public place. One young man had the words “carpe diem” written across his torso in cursive writing. Seize the day. We realized today was one of those days for my friend and I. Too often people can get caught up in the happenings of life - school, work, crazy Indian weddings - but rarely do we get the chance to just sit and enjoy a few moments, to really indulge in them. In a way, that was what seizing that day was for us.

So as we sat there on our bench, with only a couple weeks until the chaos of university begins again, we were quite glad to hold up our plastic forks, shout “CARPE DIEM!” out to the world and to those giving us incredulous looks, and indulge in more cupcakes along with the warm glow of a day that doesn’t come along very often.


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