Game 3 - Stanley Cup Finals

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Hello! Today is game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, and the Canuck-fever has taken over our entire city. I was downtown amongst the mob for Saturday’s game with a few friends of mine, and although none of us were tall enough to see the screen that was set up outside of the CBC over the heads of tens of thousands of fans, it was exhilarating just to be present for all the spiritedness. The intersection of Hamilton and Georgia was a packed and pulsing sea of blue and green. One young man was dressed only in tin foil, as he tried to turn himself into a replica of the Stanley Cup, wearing a colander on the top of his head to create the bowl of the glorious trophy. Another guy was wearing a blue and green striped turban in support of our team! In all honesty, although the vibe of watching the game downtown was exciting, I simply do not have the vertical altitude to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

For most of the game my view was blocked by either shoulders, trees, or arms raised in celebration. My friends and I only knew a goal had been scored because the entire crowd would erupt into roars and cheers. Overall the evening was thrilling, but I do want to pay attention to the commentary and players, so tonight I plan to watch the game from my couch, where I can scream and yell at the TV and not someone’s shoulders in front of me.

Cheer loud enough to be heard in Boston tonight!


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