New Website and a new Artist of the Week!

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Hellooooo! It has been some time since my last blog! But now we have this groovy new website that along with updating the world into the grand schemings and plots of South Asian Arts, will house all my musings, tangents and rants! (You can find all my past posts here ) If you haven't already done so, take some time to mosey around the new website; take a look through Productions and Performances to see great photos and videos from our past events, and keep checking back to our calendar to make sure you don't miss any cool shindigs that SAA might be involved in.

One of the things that I'll be trying to keep up with in my li'l blogs here is providing you with cool artists to check out a few times a month. I'm usually trolling YouTube for such little gems, but if you ever find anything you'd like to share with me, or that you'd like me to highlight in my blog, just fire me an email at and I'll check it out!

As I am a violin player myself, today I'm telling you about this absolutely wicked violinist from Chicago, who I found while looking up videos of violin covers of Michael Jackson. (Look up his for "You Rock My World"!) His name is Paul Ade, and this guy has skiiiiiiiillz! He takes hip hop songs and plays them as instrumental pieces, throwing his own jazzy freestyle twist to them. In the video I'm featuring here, he takes Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" and turns it into something fabulous, sassy and wild all at the same time. He is virtuosic, with amazing control over the instrument. If I can one day be half as good on the violin as this guy, my life will be complete :) Check out his artist page on Facebook, and his other videos on YouTube as well! Enjoy!


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