The Power of Yoga

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This evening, my mum was complaining of back and shoulder pain. I’ve told my parents numerous times over the past couple years that they should start doing yoga; I started doing yoga about 3 years ago when a friend of mine in highschool got the drama kids to do it before rehearsals and performance nights. It was very relaxing and soothing for pre-show jitters. I’ve also noticed over the past few years, that I do have tense shoulders and often a sore neck. I’m quite certain its because of the fact that my generation has become so attached to computers that they’ve taken over our lives as we sit at them for hours, craning our necks and slouching in our seats, staring at the bluish glow of facebook, emails, homework assignments, online banking, online tv-watching, online shopping, online everything-you-can-do-in-real-life-you-can-do-virtually-now. I’m trying to limit myself to how much time I spend on a computer. (It IS possible to tear your glossed-over eyes away from a screen for a whole day! I did it while I was on tour with my band, sometimes going up to 3-4 days without logging online as we drove across Western Canada. Believe in yourself! Freedom is possible!!!!! But I digress...)

But regardless of how you may be feeling rather stiff and tin-man-like, I firmly believe yoga has the power to help heal your body and mind. Last year as I began my first year at university, I noticed after some time that I was starting to feel pain and stiffness in my shoulders and neck again, as I hadn’t been doing yoga regularly since highschool ended, and I was spending increased amounts of time hunched over a desk reading and typing. In fact, I was feeling pretty run down. I quickly found some drop-in yoga classes in Vancouver, and hurried on over whenever I got the chance. My place of choice was the Lululemon store at Cambie and Broadway, where once a week the floor is cleared and a yoga instructor will lead a class. My favourite instructor was one fellow who, at the end of the class, would get us all to lie in corpse pose, close our eyes, breathe deeply, and then would pull out his guitar and sing to us. He was the coolest instructor.

Anywho, with regular practice I noticed right away that my body was much more awake, it was less stressed and tense and so was my mind. I figured my mum was feeling a little or a lot of these today, so I got her to go through a few poses with me. Childs pose was particularly helpful for her today, as it helped stretch out across the shoulders and lower back. And that pose is all around good and relaxing too! Mum said she felt better afterwords. Next, I’ll be trying to convince my father; he has tonnes of back problems that I’m sure yoga can help to ease, but he hasn’t given it a try yet. I’ll keep nagging, I think he’ll break soon enough.

I’ll write more about yoga soon; I have not been able to do as much as I would like to lately, but as the school year falls back into place in the next month, I’ll pick it up again. The complete benefits of it I’m not sure of yet, however I have only ever experienced positive changes to my mental and physical health since practicing yoga, from working out knots and tense muscles, to getting a good workout, to reducing stress, to even feeling all around happier. If you haven’t yet, give it a try, whether you think you need it or not. There is nothing from it that you won’t want.

Pull out the mats!

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