Sejal Returns From Tour Having Fallen In Love With Bollywood HD!

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I’m back! Ten days of sitting in a gear-crammed van with 5 other boys (who thankfully didn’t really ever smell bad), and I am back, alive and well. It was certainly an adventure. Driving through the rugged Canadian Rockies was gorgeous, and with the mountain flowers just in bloom, I half expected Shahrukh Khan and some Bollywood diva to run across the mountain-side to the soundtrack of my Bollywood-music-laden iPod.

Driving across the prairies was pretty too, in its own way. You could very easily feel you were rolling along in a sea of gold, with the blue sky like a dome above you and nothing around you except golden fields of wheat for as far as the eye can see.

In Edmonton, I stayed with my aunt and uncle, who provided my bandmates and me with the most delicious meal of rotlis, daal, shrimp tarkari, raita, rice, and pickles for when we arrived after a 10 hour drive. We were so excited. But not nearly as excited as my uncle was to show me his collection of Bollywood films that were in High-Def, that he could watch on his High-Def TV. He put on several new films, including Dil Bole Hadippa. I have not seen the film yet, but the opening musical number, with colourul clothes, and green fields, was crisp and bright on the High-Def screen. In fact, the images were so crisp and clear even Rani Mukerji’s crows feet were visible, which I am sure were covered in just enough makeup to be masked when watching the film from a mediocre-quality pirated DVD - you know, the way most people watch Bollywood films :) My uncle had unlocked all the glory of Bollywood films’ bright and colourful costumes - all the scenes really did look so much more glorious in high-def. But he also revealed that the Bollywood stars and starlets are human too; contrary to what the movie-world suggests, they do age! Even Rani Mukerji has some wrinkles, so I think that helps everyone feel a little better about themselves. Thank you HD TVs!

Anywho, with Dil Bole Hadippa now on my list of must-see films, I urge you to watch a Hindi film in high-def. I really think Bollywood films are gems to watch, but they lose their shine when watched in low-res quality. The work that goes into the grandiose dance choreography, costumes and scenes is exorbitant; Bollywood really does dress its films to the nines. So treat your eyes and ears, and absorb all the films have to offer; I really believe you won’t find it anywhere else in the film industry.


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