Spunky Bus Driver of the 41 bus

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After last night’s blow to our boys in blue and green, I woke up a little begrudgingly this morning. The overcast weather was appropriate for my mood, and therefore did little to lift it. Altogether I was really not looking forward to my morning commute on the transit. I trudged onto the bus with my ugly-but-chiropractically-beneficial backpack and my PB+J sandwich and prepared to settle into my seat for another mundane bus ride.

The moment the bus took off though, a loud and chirpy voice was heard over the bus’ intercom, (I didn’t even know busses had those!) as the driver said good morning to everyone on the vehicle. And at every stop we made, he cheerfully announced the bus the stop would connect to and where it would go, almost as though we were on the Wheel Of Fortune and he was telling us which fantastic vacation spot we had won to jet off too. I’m telling you, this guy was high on life! At one point, he rolled down his window, stuck his head and shoulders out and yelled “GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!” (with that many exclamation marks afterwards) to a woman across the road. She looked taken aback at first; and then she broke into a smile to hear the simple but friendly gesture. I was pretty sure the guy was itching to burst into song and dance.

Anyways, he lifted my dull spirits. And I’m sure he must have done so for the other commuters on that bus this dreary morning. I saw a number of people’s faces lighten up, minding less that another day of work was ahead, and instead looking forward to another day of life. Instead of awkwardly nudging myself and my obnoxious backpack through ticked off crowds to get off the bus (which I always feel bad about, don’t get me wrong!) everyone was much more forgiving as I “sorry”ed and “excuse me”ed my way off the bus. You can say I’m being a sentimental fool, but isn’t it funny – and quite remarkable – how one person’s good spirits can ease life on others? I think it is. So thank you, Spunky Bus Driver of the 41 bus! You have inspired me to wake up tomorrow and be good. I will try my hardest to honour you.

Smile at someone random tomorrow! And as always, go canucks go!

Sejal The Intern

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