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Bollywood Wedding (2009)

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - Sunday, July 26, 2009
Italian Gardens, PNE, Vancouver, BC

Presented by South Asian Arts and New Works in partnership with the Pacific National Exhibition

Bollywood Wedding is an interactive dance, live music and theatre event highlighting the engagement and wedding of two young Indians brought together in an arranged marriage. Staged for the first time in July 2009, the setting, true to weddings in India, was outdoors and the proceedings began in early evening and concluded as the sun set.

Audience members participated as guests in this dramatic staged presentation of an Indian wedding where different scenes of the play took place at different locations within the Italian Gardens at the PNE. Created to resemble a live Bollywood musical, this lavish spectacle merged Indian culture with Western theatre.

The groom is from a well-established South Asian family residing in Vancouver. Though he is gentle and sweet, he is a bit of a geek who lacks confidence in himself, especially when it comes to women. The bride is a bombshell from India. At her arrival, she is shocked to see that the groom looks nothing like the completely doctored photograph that was presented to her. Her father is marrying her off to the son of his former wrestling colleague. Hilarious chaos ensues.

The Master of Ceremonies guides the audience through a series of traditional Bollywood-type scenes while the plot unfolds. Each scene features dancing and singing as well as interactive opportunities for the audience to engage in traditional customs.

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